No room in the inn (yet...)

Friday, 25 September 2009
Since vacating my first WH home about a week go, I began the process of collecting all my ships, gear and a shiny new medium POS in preparation of finding a bigger, meaner place to hang my head.

However, after several days of running a hi-sec scanning route around my base of operations I have so far been unable to find a new system that fits the Goldilocks criteria that I have set. Many WHs have been found, and many more inside those WHs also. However, the findings so far are pessimistic.

The main problem is that of existing occupancy within the WHs. Whilst I was expecting the majority of systems to be occupied, I am still startled by just how many are populated already. I was hoping that the deeper WHs, with perhaps no regular k-space exit, are less popular but the reverse seems to be the case. The likelihood of finding a vacant WH seems to be slim, so the prospect of finding a sub-system devoid of activity would therefore be even slimmer. This doesn't even take into account mass and time limits on the holes.

Perhaps the problem lies with my chosen base of operations, which is safely within the constraints of hi-sec. I recall reading the accounts of others that suggest that WHs found within low-sec systems are more likely to be unpopulated. This is certainly food for thought, though I don't warm to the thought of hauling all my worldly possessions into low-sec just yet.

To be fair, I've only been house-hunting for a short while so I guess I shouldn't get too despondent. I'll launch the probes some more over the next few days and cross my fingers that I can find a new home.


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