Winds of Change

Monday, 21 September 2009
With the Class 1 empty, save for a lone gravimetric site, I came to the decision that it was time to up sticks and find a new home. Also, I felt that a Class 1 no longer offered the challenges that I crave, not to mention the fact that the mass limits prohibited the ships that I could field. So last night I packed up the station, and hauled everything back to hi-sec in readiness for a move to a new home.

My time in the Class 1 taught a few valuable lessons that I will be putting to use in future ventures. Firstly, I will not be content with a 'shallow' WH, due to the traffic that a regular hi-sec exit entails. In an ideal world, I will be hunting for a deep Class 2 WH with a regular Class 2 exit.

The second change that I will be making is the upgrade in POS, from a small to a medium. Following the discussions on Star Defender's blog, I shall be setting up this POS, only on-lining the refining array when needed, temporarily switching off a couple of guns to meet the power-grid requirements.

Skill wise, I have been working on my gunnery skills, and plan to work on the BS side of things in the near future.

RL work commitments might limit the time I have this week to search for a new home, but I hope to have found a new home to report on my next post.


Jaggins said...

What is your ship setup? To solo tank the big sleepers in a class 2, you will need a BC most likely fit T2. The consensus is a Drake is most efficient, but I get by in a Myrmidon. Awesome blog, BTW!

kasharic said...

Hi Jaggins - thanks for dropping by!
At the moment I'm flying a harbinger, all T2 except the guns, which I'll have complete within the week.
I may need to work on some of the support skills to get the dps thats required, but all part of the longer term skill plan hopefully! Som much to learn and so little time hehe.

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