Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Thursday, 1 October 2009
My desperation was beginning to peak at the start of the week, as I began to feel that I would perhaps have to settle for a sub-standard wormhole to move into.

On Wednesday morning however, I succeeded in finding a class-2 within another class-2 that was unoccupied. The mass and time limits were fine, and the only discernible exits were a low-sec exit (which subsequently popped and instantly respawned, confirming it as a static exit) and 2 class-2 WHs (including the one I had came through). Whilst I was unable to confirm either of these as a regular connection, I figured that it was worth taking a chance that at least one of these would be static, thus providing a daily fresh hunting ground.

Moving all the gear and ships into my new home (christened 'Pangloss') was a lot easier than my previous move into the class 1, owing to the higher mass limits. Onlining all the defences for the shiny new medium tower took quite a while, but I guess this was to be expected.

1 day in, and my early impressions thus far are quite pleasing. The system wasn't overflowing with signatures, but hopefully the static class 2 can provide a source of income for the times that Pangloss runs dry. My biggest problem at the moment is a lack of skills and ships to tackle even the combat sites, never mind the radar or magnetometric sites. I'm only a week away from bringing in an Apocalypse, so I'll be giving my gas-harvester and mining barge a run-out over the next few days. The Harbinger may well have met its match with the class 2 sleepers.

On a final happy note, I received a message in the Local Channel from a lost pilot that had apparently been offline for a few weeks, and had logged on this evening only to find that his last corp had moved their POS out of the WH. Said pilot was still in his retriever with no scanner, so he invited me to either blow his capsule or take his barge for free. Sensing a trap, I left him to it and refused to take his bait. 20 minutes later though his barge was still on scan, as was his corpse. 5 minutes later I became the proud owner of a rusty but functional mining barge!

""It is proved...that things cannot be other than they are, for since everything was made for a purpose, it follows that everything is made for the best purpose.""
— Voltaire (Pangloss)


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