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Thursday, 22 October 2009
When I moved into the Class 2 WH a few weeks ago, I was severely hampered by the types of signatures that my skills allowed me to clear. Only ladar and gravimetric sites were viable targets.
A few weeks on and I've been able to run more and more sites with relative ease. So below I've written a reflection on where I find myself, and where I hope to focus my skill plan to enable a better farming of a Cl2 WH:

Ladar: as per Class 1 WHs, these are very easy to clear of any sleepers, and require few skills to do so. Of course, this impacts on profitability, making these one of the least valuable of sites to run. Further down the line, I'd like to follow the example of Star Defender and actually process the gas rather than just sell the raw harvest. This in turn requires better production skills, a larger POS, and a higher ISK turnover to meet the fuel bill. As such, setting up a polymer reaction production line is very much a longer-term plan.

Gravimetric: As with the ladars, these are very easy to clear of any sleepers and are usually very abundant. However, I'd rank my mining skills as intermediate at best. At the moment I only have the skills to fly a retriever. In the not too distant future I'd like to train the skills needed for a coveter or hulk, as well as the skills needed to use T2 ABC crystals and the associated refining skills. Until then, the profits I get from the grav sites are a fair bit lower than from the other signatures.

Magnetometric / Radar: Only since I learnt BS skills a week or so ago have I been able to clear these sites. However, my skills in this department are still fairly short of where they need to be to run these sites with any great degree of consistency - all too often I need to warp out several times, usually due to poor capacitor-related or tracking skills. In the short term I hope to work on the support skills needed to clear these sites efficiently and regularly.

Combat Sites: these are the bread-and-butter for me at the moment - with the exception of 1 or 2 sites, I can now run these sites in my Harbinger with regularity and speed. Most sites usually drop around 5 or so melted ribbons, making these signatures the most profitable.

So a loose skill-training plan is as follows: in the short term I need to continue to work on the support-skills such as those relating to capacitor-regulation. Hopefully with this will come greater ease with which I can clear the anomolies or mag/ladar sites. In the intermediate term I intend to work on the mining skills. Although I doubt it will get to the stage where running grav sites will be the most lucrative of all the signatures, I do enjoy mining on an ad-hoc occasional basis. Relating to this, I need to think hard about whether to introduce a second account, primarily for hauling and trading. Finally, it will be pleasing if at some point even further down the line I can enter the T3 production line, such as polymer reacting, rather than just haul the raw materials back to k-space.

Finally, thanks to the 'Anom' poster - I'll always be a bigger geek than you realise :)


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