Hangars from Heaven

Wednesday, 7 October 2009
It's been a quiet few days in Candide - very few visitors has allowed me to focus on grav and gas mining whilst training up my BS skills. Of the 10 or so Class 2 static WHs that have spawned over the past week, the majority have been unoccupied and ripe for harvesting. However, my inability to run most combat sites, and the radar sites, has largely limited my activities to mining.

Yesterday morning I ventured into the new static Class 2 system that had spawned overnight. A cursory scan of the scan revealed habitation of the system - 1 large control tower and 1 small tower. However, only 1 force field was showing up on the scan. Curious, I investigated further and discovered that the small tower had belonged to a small Polish Corp, that had presumably been forced out of the system at some point by the larger American based Corp that owned the large POS.

What I couldn't understand was why the abandoned station, complete with anchored defences, still retained a ship array and hangar array. 5 minutes later I had returned in my harbinger and swiftly disposed of the 2 arrays. Many jet cans spilt into space. Scrambling for my industrial, I quickly looted all the cans, and counted the spoils - in total around 200M isk, including several arrays, T2 mods and skill books. The ship array had yielded a harbinger, several cov-op ships and a couple of cruisers. Not bad for 5 minutes work!

I'm not sure why the American corp hadn't bothered with the offline POS - perhaps I had been extremely lucky with the timing? Or perhaps they hadn't realised what could be gained by destroying the hangars?


Jaggins said...

Great luck! Do you warp to moons to quickly find towers, or scan them down? I haven't figured out how to sort towers from all the other structures without scanning something down and warping there...

kasharic said...

Normally I'll launch a couple of combat probes at the start, just to see if there's any signs of life in the system.
If there's a tower, I can normally just use the probes to ascertain which planet it's at. I'll then warp to the planet, and then use the directional scanner to discover which moon the tower is based at.

A quicker way is if there's a ship based within the POS shields - using the combat probes on that ship usually results in a fast lock.

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